Below are a sampling of cases McCandlish has handled to illustrate how the law can be used to champion civil justice and make our society a better place for all people to achieve their potential.


College Student Killed in Freeway Wreck.

On behalf of the grieving family, McCandlish drained the wrongdoer’s insurance policy, as well as the family’s back up insurance, proving that the college student was still living at home, even though residing in a university dorm. Additionally, he challenged the conclusion of the Oregon State police clearing a tow truck from having any responsibility. The insurer for the truck kicked in a six figure contribution to the settlement.


Pedestrian Struck by Car.

After all available insurance was exhausted, a million dollars in medical bills were compromised and $250,000 paid by the driver’s husband personally.


Boy’s Thumb Amputated at a Bouncy House Facility.

A 5 year old boy stuck his hand into an air blower pipe that had come loose from the forced air gun shooting ping pong balls at a target. The fan blades severely damaged his hand with his mom 10 feet away. A lawsuit was brought against the bouncy house, it’s national franchisor and the manufacturer of the game and settled before trial.


Legal Malpractice. Passenger Injured in a Parking Lot Vehicle Accident.

The lawyer failed to file the personal injury claim in a timely manner. A lawsuit was brought against the attorney, and the jury returned a verdict of $188,000.


Motorcyclist Hit by Vehicle.

A truck driver turned into the client, crushing his motorcycle and causing near death injuries.


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