Below is a sampling of cases McCandlish has handled to illustrate how the law can be used to champion civil justice and make our society a better place for all people to achieve their potential.


“Jim is honest, hardworking. We achieved excellent results and recommend him as an outstanding attorney who cares about his clients. ”

Wenson and Sunny

December, 2019

“Great result. Jim obviously cares about his clients. He’s trustworthy and really went to bat for us.“

The Dutt family

A Christmas card: “So great to work with you. Your lawyer knowledge and kindness are very impressive. Thanks so much for your help! The Wu family.”

Wu family

December, 2019

“Terrific result. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.”

Tom and Karla

January, 2020

“When we began the process to find an attorney it did not go well at first. But when we finally met Jim it seemed to just fit. His candor and honesty about our case made us trust him right away. Thankfully we can say that we have no regrets! Win or lose we knew that he had put all he had into it. Receiving his emails early in the morning and late into the evening we knew that he was putting in long days, not just working for a check. Without his positive attitude and leadership we would have surely crumbled under the pressure. Sometimes you wonder if that is not part of a big law firm strategy. Win by attrition. Simply outlast the little guy.”

Angela Schacher


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